25 Years at Meadowbeck Care Home

25 Years at Meadowbeck Care Home

Elaine has been a housekeeper in Meadowbeck Care Home, York, since joining in 1992. What started as a job to fit around her children has turned into a 25-year commitment to the home and residents who have lived there.

“I started at the home because it was between the primary school and my house. That convenience was so important when my children were little. One day I popped in to see what positions they had and here I am 25 years later!”

Along with her team, Elaine’s role is to ensure the home is as clean and presentable as the homes they used to live in. In addition to cleaning the rooms and communal areas, she also has the responsibility of laundering and keeping the residents’ clothes in good condition.

“Over the last 25 years, the role itself has changed very little – but the types of clothes we have to wash has changed! There are a lot less woollens than there used to be, and fibres are more robust now. But no matter what, a man’s shirt still needs to be ironed, whether it’s cotton or polyester.”

“There are more checks, balances and paperwork now, but they’re only small changes for the best interest of the residents.”

“We have such a good team here and always have. There have been changes along the way, which is only natural, but the essence of us all caring about each other hasn’t changed. We’re one big family and that includes the residents. It’s an honour to work with them – we have a lady who is 107 and it’s a pleasure to sit and have a chat and cup of tea with her.”