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Celebrating quality care

National Care Home Open Day takes place on Friday 17th June with 1,000s of care homes across the UK opening their doors and joining in the celebrations. It’s an excellent opportunity for people to see what care homes are really like. For Barchester it’s the perfect chance to reinforce relationships both within our homes and the communities surrounding our homes.

This year the key theme is celebration, so tea parties, dog shows, live music and bake-offs are just some of the events planned to take place throughout Barchester homes on the day.

As well as looking forward to holding events, the team at Barchester’s Red Oaks Care Home in West Sussex will be using the day to celebrate the lives of their residents with a photo-montage which includes images from the past and present.

Marilyn Knight, Activities Manager at the home says “We have collected photographs of our residents to create one large celebration poster. The images are fantastic; some show our residents in their prams, others on their wedding day and there are plenty of the activities they are involved in at Red Oaks. Even though our residents are elderly, there are still so many things they do and take part in; it’s all about celebrating life. We have had great fun as a team getting ready for our open day; it has really brought the staff, residents and their families together.”

Duncan Edwards, General Manager at Red Oaks said “We are very proud that from just a few members of staff we have over 115 years of continuous service at our home. Our dedicated team continue to demonstrate a real commitment to our residents and the person-centred care we offer at Barchester. A Barchester team is made up of so many people, the staff in the home, regional and divisional directors, support offices, the residents and their families and external Healthcare professionals and service companies; everyone it takes to make a care home work. The way we all work together is definitely something to celebrate.”

“We are also proud that our team continually learn and grow in their roles. Development is one of the key factors to ensuring our people progress and the residents receive the best level of care, so we are committed to offering development opportunities to everyone in the team. I have been with Barchester for almost 12 years and am still learning. During my time here I have completed many courses, including business and administration NVQs and a Leadership and Management Diploma.”

Senior Nurse, Virginia Ramos, has also benefited from the training opportunities at Barchester. In 2004 she fulfilled her dream of working and living in the UK when she moved to the UK from the Philippines. “My father is a farmer and he wanted me to be the best I could be. I came to England as a Senior Care Assistant and then went on my adaptation course. Since then I have developed my skills both clinically and managerially and now mentor new nurses both here and in other Barchester homes. Our team is full of strong, dedicated people who always ensure the best care for our residents. We give the care we would give our own loved ones; the residents and their families are in my heart.”

Virginia goes on to explain “I love being able to give back to the team through my mentoring. Helping other members in the team to develop means they not only fulfil their personal ambitions, but that they are able to offer greater continuous support to the residents in our care.”

Sharon Haigh, Care Practitioner at Red Oakes added “I have had a very positive experience here and am so glad I took the opportunity to up-skill from my Senior Care Assistant role. In my Care Practitioner role I can have more rounded conversations with the residents and their families about the care we provide. I can also support the nurses in the home more. The residents are our extended family; our Care Home Open Day celebrations will be all about sharing stories about our happy family.”

Duncan finishes by saying “Our residents deserve the best and we are lucky to have a team of natural born leaders at Red Oaks who not only provide fantastic care now, but continue to develop their skills to provide even more year on year. We are delighted to be able to support National Care Home Open day and celebrate just how amazing our residents and staff are.”


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